Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthy Flats For Spring

Spring is coming and with spring comes lighter (and less supportive) footwear. As dancers, we spend a lot of time on our feet both in and out of the studio. Usually we have little control over our footwear in the studio, but out in the world, we do. Many of us are probably transitioning from boots to flats. Here are some tips from American Podiatric Medical Association for picking healthy shoes for spring:

  • The Down Side: Flats provide inadequate cushioning and support. This may result in arch or heel pain.
  • Try to avoid wearing flats for long periods of time. If you know you are going to be walking around the city all day (and carrying a heavy bag), maybe a sneaker or danskos (APMA approved!) would be a better option.
  • If you do wear your flats, try to pick a pair that have built in arch support.
  • Never buy flats that can bend in half or twist. These are too flimsy and will not provide enough support for your feet.
  • Try adding extra support or cushion. APMA recommends Spenco's Q Factor or Foot Petals' Amazing Arches
  • For more user friendly tips, see sources below! APMA has great educational material!


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  1. I love your blog! I put it on mine so people would go to it. Even though I'm not a dancer, these tips work for everyone :)